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Explore the many solutions TODASH IP-Telephony Solutions provides for businesses of all sizes. In the cloud, you can operate more efficiently, increase employee mobility, protect against loss from natural or man-made disasters, connect multiple locations and better control day to day costs. Choose an IP phone solution below to find out how our service can meet your specific business need.

So whatever your business needs, TODASH IP-Telephony Solutions can help find a solution. Find out how our dependable VoIP phone system could help improve your business' internal and external communications.

Improve Efficiency
Increase your operational efficiency, productivity, and flexibility with next-gen features in an easy-to-use unified IP phone solution that includes everything—a complete phone system, a lot of features, voicemail, and online fax service*.

Get Customers The Help They Need, Fast

Ensure customers and prospects speak to the right person every time for efficient workflow.

Easy Self-Management

Instantly change business processes and settings yourself, without any additional resources.

The Power To Impact Change

Track, measure and optimize your business operations and employee productivity.

Simplify Communications

Only one internal network and unified business VoIP phone system to manage for ALL your locations.

Employee Mobility

With TODASH IP-Telephony Solutions , employees are able to work from anywhere, whether in the comfort of their own homes or on the road. Through our smartphone compatibility, employees can have calls, faxes, and messages sent to any remote device making travel easy as can be!

Mobile Phones Supported And Integrated

With mobile cloud technology, calls ring in the office and on a cell phone simultaneously when you wish. Pick up a cell phone call on a desk phone.

Make Your Desk Mobile

Employees can use any office phone like it is their own – same number, same buttons, same features. Even send and receive faxes from email so your desk goes everywhere you go.

Out of the Office, Not Out of Touch

Change features and re-route calls remotely, at any time via our VoIP phone system's easy-to-use website. Waiting on an important fax? Get it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone

Smartphones Are Our Specialty

Get calls, faxes and messages on any remote device, including your smartphone, via e-mail, SMS or with an Android® and iPhone® apps.

Your Desk Is In The Cloud

Employees can work from anywhere with our softphones for PCs, mobile apps and online fax service.

The TODASH IP-Telephony Solutions Guarantee

Our reliable service comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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