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TODASH is a company at the forefront of the Enterprise Telecommunication market. TODASH wide range of innovative, integrated solutions address the needs of customers small and large, from the single-line business to the complex demands of the largest enterprises with multiple communications solutions.

We are committed to supporting our client base and the evolution of their systems and networks through the development and implementation of telecommunications products including videoconferencing, wireless, VoIP products and systems, mobility solutions, and advanced applications.

TODASH offers high quality, full service business/technology consulting, as well as personalized service. We are committed to helping companies grow and manage their business in the most efficient, cost-effective and productive manner possible. We accomplish this by providing intelligently implemented and well-integrated systems solutions.


is a leader in providing companies with cost-effective communications solutions, backed by unparalleled service and support. With specialized teams serving small and medium sized businesses, as well as large enterprises.

We have dedicated ourselves to the international telecommunications marketplace with facilities in the United States and Mexico. TODASH has distinguished itself as a premier network and services solutions in telecommunications technology, covering disciplines as diverse as ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN, high speed transmission over copper and fiber, bridging and routing, MPLS, LAN and WAN management. The company has also led the industry in services solutions offering a broad range of WAN solutions for corporate networks.

TODASH quality of products and services is assured trough our people, intense product training, insistence on excellent customer service and committed to providing quality communications at a competitive price.

Telecommunications services industry market trends suggest TODASH will continue to experience strong, steady growth.

TODASH places a great deal of emphasis on customer satisfaction, derived from its commitment to excellent quality products. TODASH strives to be a leader in the industry in terms of product quality and value, and is completely committed to delivering products that meet contract specifications and our customer's requirements. This policy encompasses using defined quality parameters and regular follow-up of procedures in place for an uncompromised level of quality and maintenance of environmental standards.

TODASH Training Center offers a wide range of training courses to meet the training needs of partners, resellers and end users. These courses instruct system engineers, network administrators and IT managers to properly install, maintain and support the entire line of communications network infrastructure products and software suites. TODASH is a company, with a full curriculum of training programs available in Mexico, USA, Central & South America. In addition, tailor-made course solutions are available when targeted training content for specific applications and deployments are needed - either on-site or at TODASH training facilities. TODASH understands the need for practical knowledge, and offers courses that combine hands-on exercises and theoretical lectures. TODASH Certified engineers and administrators acquire the tools and skills to effectively service and maintain TODASH equipment and software products. Upon completion of the appropriate course, participants receive TODASH certification.

Due to rapid growth driven by our services and products, TODASH seeks talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our company. TODASH is poised for tremendous success, and we want especially qualified and committed people to be part of our team. We offer flexible hours, a relaxed work environment, a climate of success and a chance to work in a dynamic company. If you are looking for a company that challenges you to do your best, TODASH is the place for you. To apply for a position, please send your resume to careers@todash.com.mx

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